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About Us

Burton Town Brewery was first established in 2015 as a 6 barrel microbrewery. With a deep respect for Classic Burton Beers and an eye for innovation we have gradually expanded both our range of beers and the brewery capacity to 12 barrels. 

As the world of craft beer and an appreciation for quality local beer have grown we have grown too.

 The Team

Steve - Manager and Director. Set up Burton Town Brewery in 2015

Ian - Sales Manager and Director. Joined Burton Town Brewery in 2019.

Andrew - Head Brewer. Joined The Team in 2020


The Home of Brewing

 Burton is synonymous with brewing all over the world. The hills surrounding us forming the Trent Valley contain minerals that greatly assist with the brewing process and it is Burton’s water that has put the town quite literally on the map within the brewing world.

Breweries all over the globe still Burtonise their water to enable them to emulate the pale ales that the town made famous.


We are Environmentally Conscious

Everything we use is sourced as locally as is possible.
All of our spent grain is donated to a local farmer to feed his horses.
All our spent hops are given to a local allotment for fertiliser.  
We source all our packing and bottles within 30 miles of the brewery.