About Us

This is Burton Town…

…and this is our brewery!!

Our mission is to brew exceptional, award winning and innovative premium cask ales. The route to our innovation will be found in our ability to look at the standard (or historical) and approach it from a slightly different angle.

We endeavour to follow new trends and develop beers accordingly, with ‘different’ ingredients and heightened alcohol contents to further distinguish them from the beers that are already out

Quality Ingredients

It is worth the extra effort to pay a little more, make a little less and put a whole lot of elbow grease into things to make a better product. A better product that not only tastes great, but is also made in a responsible and sustainable way. We use quality British malt as a base in all of our beers and always use whole hops, and of course the famous Burton water.


None of our cask beers are filtered or pasteurised and some are unfined, which we proudly serve with a natural haze. We believe it is best for the beer and for you. No genetic modification, no pesticides, just great beer.

Why does this matter?

We want to bring you the best beer while also making sure it is actually good for both you and the environment around you. So the next time you have a pint of Burton Town be sure to stop and think about all that is going into the beer in front of you.

The Home of Brewing

All over the World, Burton is synonymous with brewing.

The hills surrounding Burton forming the Trent Valley contain minerals that greatly assist the brewing process, and it is Burton’s water that put the town quite literally on the map within the brewing world.

Breweries all over the World still Burtonise their water to enable them to emulate the pale ales that the town made famous.